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Celebrating 1000 Closings: A Community-Centric Milestone

If you’ve been following along over the last few weeks, you might already be aware of the incredible journey our real estate team has been on. We celebrated our 1000th closing! Our team is so proud of this achievement, which is a testament to the unwavering support and trust our clients and community have placed in us over the years.

In the spirit of gratitude, we wanted to do something special to give back to the community that has played such a vital role in our success. Real estate, for us, is not just about finding dream homes; it’s about making our community a better place for everyone. That’s why we invited everyone to help us choose a local Kitsap County charity to receive a $1,000 donation.

Choosing a Worthy Cause

To involve our community in this celebration, we initiated a two-phase process to select a local charity for a $1000 donation. In the first phase, we opened nominations, and the response was overwhelming – over 200 nominations for more than 20 local Kitsap County non-profit organizations. The top three finalists were South Kitsap Helpline, Kitsap Harvest, and Downtown Bremerton Association. The contributions all of them make to the Kitsap community are truly remarkable.

The Winning Charity

Moving to the voting phase, over 600 votes were cast. By popular choice, Kitsap Harvest emerged as the winner! Our team was thrilled to present them with their well-deserved donation check. We love being able to support an organization that shares our same core value of serving the community!

About Kitsap Harvest

Kitsap Harvest is a local organization with a mission to reduce food waste, increase access to nutritious produce, and strengthen local food systems. Their gleaning program harvests excess produce from farms, yards, and gardens in Kitsap County. The harvested fruits and vegetables are then distributed to food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, and senior centers.

Programs at Kitsap Harvest:

  1. Gleaning: Kitsap Harvest’s Glean Teams work on both farms and backyard gardens, sharing the harvest with other local organizations who support community members in need. Their volunteers are the backbone of the work that happens and impact that is made.
  2. Grow-A-Row: This program creates a network where home gardeners and volunteers provide locally grown, fresh and nutritious to Kitsap Harvest to distribute. It’s a collaborative effort to ensure that surplus produce doesn’t go to waste and reaches those who require it the most.
  3. Community Gardens: Kitsap Harvest offers technical assistance and gardening education services to enhance food access for low-income housing and food sites in the community.

How You Can Get Involved

If you’re inspired by Kitsap Harvest’s mission and want to contribute or volunteer, you can reach out to them at No green thumb? No problem! There are other ways you can help from sorting and packing boxes, to delivering food to the sites they serve.

We are immensely grateful for the support of our community that has enabled us to reach this incredible milestone. By giving back to Kitsap Harvest, we hope to contribute to the well-being of our neighbors and strengthen the sense of community that makes Kitsap County a wonderful place to call home. Here’s to the next thousand homes sold and many more opportunities to make a positive impact together!

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